Give a Little...Get a Lot!

GiVIEs are an alternate to traditional advertising. When you sponsor a GiVIE you get all of the benefits and none of the hassle associated with promoting your business. Its easy. You provide the prizes and VIE will take care of the rest.

GiVIEs Overview

Step 1: Sponsor Donates Prize

Step 1: Sponsor Donates a Prize

This can be just about anything, The only restriction is that the prize must have a value of $50 or more.


Step 3: People Enter the Giveaway

Step 3: People Enter the Giveaway

VIE will set-up the rules and collect the entrant's information on

Step 2: VIE Advertises the Giveaway

Step 2: VIE Advertises the Giveaway

In-magazine, online, social networks, radio. Each promotion will use the most appropriate method(s).


Step 4: VIE Announces the Winners

Step 4: VIE Announces the Winners

Winners announced on web site and social networks. Compiled data shared with sponsor.

Sponsor a Givie Today by Calling 850.231.3087


Top Reasons to Sponsor a GiVIE

Attract New Customers

GiVIEs are a great way to attract new customers. VIE will get the word out by promoting the giveaways which will put your brand in front of new audiences.


No Hassle!

Leave the dirty work up to us. We will take care of all the technical details associated with promoting each giveaway. So sit back and relax.



GiVIEs only costs as much as you give. Whether you give big or give small, the results will always be worth more than you bargained for.


Get to Know Your Customers

At the end of each giveaway, VIE will share the demographic data about all of the entrants. You can use this data to create targeted marketing campaigns.