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Galati Yacht Sales Now Representing Prestige Yachts

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“Sudoku Sam” shares his Only Complete and Comprehensive Sudoku Solution, as seen in VIE’s September/October 2013 Issue

VIE has some tips for sticking to your resolutions this year!

See the winners of the YOLO Board Races Series from June 14th

Audrey Johnson found some special spas for us!

Mary Jane Parrish, an avid tennis player, yoga enthusiast and woman on-the-go, wanted fun, comfortable active wear that could take her from Pilates class to a luncheon. As a result, Mary Jane developed the Skite!

Have you ever wondered if you can actually own a color? If you have a “design mind” like me, I’m sure you have. Guess what? We’re not alone.

I’ve recently come across artist Sayaka Ganz who creates animal sculptures out of literally… trash. Just think if everyone reduced, reused, and recycled! In any case, these works of art are more than just nice to look at.

In this TED Talks video, Thomas Goetz outlines an idea he and his team are working on to revise the design of medical information to make it more useful for patients. I think that this idea demonstrates the power of graphic design as a communication tool. By designing complex medical information in a way that is typically reserved for interpretation by medical proffesional and making it accessible for patients, the design actually empowers patients to make better choices about their health.

I’m collecting gallon sized Tropicana orange joice containers in an effort to construct a boat or a raft of some sort. I will be putting it together using a combination of duct tape and rope, and may or may not be transportable depending upon how large it becomes.