Living Green

Crafty Christmas Ornaments

Here are some easy DIY crafts to try for the holiday season!

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Maybe it’s the warm glow of Christmas lights or the smell of wrapping paper and Scotch tape that makes this time of year seem so magical. Or maybe it’s the memories. Whatever the case may be, the best gifts are thoughtfully designed and aesthetically pleasing. So, here are a few green gifts to put a little magic in your shopping this season.

Most of us mean well when it comes to caring for the environment, but these days there are so many ways to save the planet that it’s hard to keep track. Everybody needs a little help sometimes. So, here are four apps will help you stay focused on living green.

As soon as we get that first whiff of fall air on that first crisp morning, we begin the process of making our homes ready for the cooped up months to come. It’s the perfect opportunity to get creative with your wine cork stash. Here are a few DIYs to try with a glass of wine. (Or two!)

As I juggle the demands of motherhood, I find myself looking for ways to get more organized, become more efficient, and live a simpler, healthier life. Foods that require the least amount of preparation are generally the ones that make it onto our plates, and they are often the better for it.

Reducing waste is one of the greatest issues facing not only the Earth-conscious, but all of humankind. So when people invent new ways to reuse something otherwise deemed useless, it makes me kind of giddy.

To gear up for the Home and Garden issue Audrey searched for a little Earth-friendly Pinspiration…literally. Here are a few quick and simple DIY projects that will put your home décor on the map.

Priti NYC nail polish is 3 Free, meaning it does not contain toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DHB) or formaldehyde-carcinogens commonly found in nail polish. So you can breathe easy knowing you get all the advantages of beautiful healthy nails without the effects of harsh chemicals.

Being dubbed the greenest games ever, London 2012 has taken serious steps in making sure that the Olympic Games leave a big impact on our hearts, and not the environment.

In honor of the Love Issue, Audrey has found some of the best ways to recycle mason jars for weddings!