Community News: YOLO Board Race Series June 14th Winners Announced

See the winners of the YOLO Board Races Series from June 14th

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Audrey Johnson found some special spas for us!

Some green ideas for cleaning!

VIE’s Pick of the Week from Haley Chouinard!

Check out some great gift ideas for Mother’s Day!

Ever look at the ingredients that make up your beauty products? The list is made up of scientific terms whose uses are unknown to the typical consumer. It’s difficult to know which ingredients are toxic and which ones are safe. So, to get healthy, natural skin, why not use healthy, natural remedies?

It’s officially spring break! That means true bathing suit season is right around the corner. Although we obviously want to look our best, there is something far more important… feeling our best and focusing on our health.

If you’re like me, you love to check your progress. There is no better feeling than checking things off your to-do list. Well, Nike has created yet another tool to keep track of every detail of your fitness.

As a new mom, I have had the pleasure of experiencing the struggle of balancing work and home life. Life for us is a little busier now that we have an 11 month old addition to our family. It’s a vast difference of what our life was before our baby girl came into the world!

I’ve decided to further explore a subject I touched on in my previous post. I had discussed eating a whole food diet & it’s healthful benefits. I like to keep things simple when it comes to eating a whole food diet; goodness knows there’s quite a bit of misinformation out there & I believe a confused consumer is more susceptible to misinformation.