The Art of Life

Stylist Allyson Longshore Finds the New Urban at NY Fashion Week

Allyson Longshore won’t forget her Southern roots. She has spent many summers sunning on crystal white beaches, so who better to master “urban-beach-chic” than this rock stylin’ maven of Southern royalty who is fast becoming one of NYC’s most in-demand fashion talents.

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Rock climber, nutritionist, and coffee shop owner, Trump Top Model Hartje Friederike Andresen is a woman of many talents. This German-born beauty isn’t afraid to take life by the ropes and climb them. Hartje talks to VIE Magazine about balancing a modeling career, working with top photographers and magazines, with her life’s passions.

Justin’s gallery in Seaside will close its doors November 29, 2014. This signals another step forward in his journey to personal enlightenment as he continues to share truths and discoveries with the world through his creations. Make sure you visit the Seaside studio by November 29 so you can become a collector of art with increasing value due to its limited availability. You can also visit Justin’s online gallery today at

Alaqua Animal Refuge would like to honor Marisa Milford as the Animal Hero of the Month for June 2014. When you talk to this 13 year old, you would think she has been saving animals all her life, and that’s because she has.

Seeing that the horse was ready to ‘talk,’ the woman changed her position to offer for him to ‘come in,’ and he immediately turned to her and walked right up. He would then ‘follow up’ with her, walking so close behind her she could reach out and stroke his head…

The first VIE Speaks – Think Out Loud event seemed to speak directly to me. I’m sure others felt the same, but I was a little blown away by how similar the two speakers’ subjects were, what that connection was, and how much it keeps reappearing in my life.

With a tremulous leap into even newer waters, Justin reveals that his current vision is much more introspective, bringing his emotions and inspirations to the canvas like never before. We hope his latest work will inspire you as it did us, with visions of creativity ever-flowing and a peaceful, well-balanced life for the coming new year.

A.Wickey Studio Gallery will host a grand opening celebration on Thursday, July 11th from 6-9PM. There will be live music by Sinfonia violinist Kate Kelley, wine by Krutz Family Cellars, local draft by Grayton Beer Company, and food by Raw & Juicy. The event is free and open to the public.

Sometimes you can spot a great work of art when you lease expect it. That’s what we encountered during New York Fashion Week earlier this month when, while strolling down Fifth Avenue and taking in the sights and sounds of the Big Apple, we passed the display windows of Bergdorf-Goodman.

My son and his fiancé went to see Bob Dylan at White River State Park last weekend in Indianapolis. When we skyped with them the next morning over coffee, I asked them how the Bob concert had been the night before. They glanced at each other and then back at me, and Adam, looking as if he were betraying the trust of a friend said, “I think Bob is tired.”