Behind the Scenes with VIE in The Big Easy

Last month, the VIE team set off across the coast to New Orleans for a few photo shoots and interviews for upcoming issues of the magazine. The Big Easy welcomed us with open arms as only New Orleans can. Mixing business with pleasure is what it’s all about, right?

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“Are we there yet?” – It’s the most commonly asked question by casual travelers and globe-trotters alike. But to paraphrase Steinbeck, even ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.’ So how do the best of travel planners steer clear of mishaps? Stay close to your smartphone…because when it doubt, there’s an app for that!

The timeless beauty and simplicity of Mexico Beach is almost impossible to describe, but our contributing writer Wendy Dixon somehow managed it. It is a place unlike anywhere you have been before, like time has turned back and then stopped completely. Everything from the shops, to the people, to the beaches makes you never want to leave.

To all the car aficionados out there, here is a sneak preview to an article that will appear in an upcoming issue of VIE!

Even though some of us can’t make it to Paris this summer, Jane Cobb gives us some summer reads that will let our imaginations pretend we are there.

Situated high in the trees in Harads, Sweden, Treehotel combines modern comfort with sustainability for a unique experience in nature. The two pillars of Treehotel’s operations stem from sustainability and ecological values.

Frequently I travel and each time I board a plane I settle into my window seat, reapply my lip gloss, pop in a breath mint and patiently wait for what I hope to be my gorgeous, employed, educated, witty – and… um, single – seatmate.

We’ve got some fun news for you today, friends! We have sent staff members to an amazing event. You will soon see our coverage of a fabulous food and wine event at Club Med Ixtapa Pacific.

As part of the Taking on America series stay tuned for more favorite off the beaten path stops, amazing dining and hotels in Colorado Springs, CA, Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA, Berkeley, CA, and more. What are your favorite cities? Do you have favorite hot Spots in New Orleans, Miami, or Chattanooga? Please share!

Apps make the world go ‘round – and there are a few that help me get around the world. I use travel applications to make my trips effortless – even when my trips are only to the grocery store. From camera optimization to automated travel itineraries, these applications guide me to have the most expedient journey possible.