Words of the Week

Words of the Week: Yes We Can

Throughout life, many people tend to become bogged down by the word “no” or the words “you can’t” and “I can’t.” But instead of focusing on the things you can’t do, why not make this holiday season about the things you CAN do?

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We have experienced such growth and success not only in our beloved ‘Cola 2 ‘Cola area, but worldwide with the launch of our online and mobile editions as well as continued distribution across the US in bookstores, airports, and newsstands. Thanks for making VIE part of your life!

This holiday season, unplug for a while, relax, and reconnect with family and friends you may not have seen lately, and have fun enjoying the little things together!

“Happiness or joy of life isn’t a result of having wealth. It’s an appreciation for whatever you have and the love that’s available to you.” – Stephanie Morris-Crow

“Love is patient, love is kind; it does not envy or boast.”

Love is what binds us all together, and spurs us onward.

The innocence of a fairytale is magical and still alive today.

Man’s curiosity and desire to explore the Great Unknown has launched rockets into space, sent divers into the dark depths of the sea, and climbed to the highest peaks. It’s what makes expeditions into the rain forest, the Alaskan wilderness, or the plains of Africa so exciting.

In honor of The Men’s Issue, VIE was sure to focus heavily on menswear collections when we attended Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Spring 2013, in New York City last September. Watching such handsome specimens strut down the catwalk came second only to oohing and ahhing at what they were wearing!

Every person can be an artist in his or her own way. That’s one thing we love about the people we meet when writing stories for VIE. Each one has their own outlook, way of thinking, and view of the world in which we all live.

Working on the cover story for the 2012 Holiday Issue, as well as the 2009 winter magazine, VIE has had the pleasure of meeting with Todd Eric Allen, CEO and artistic director of the Northwest Florida Ballet. Todd became an inspiration beacon when he founded the Ballet Académie, bringing the European model of artistic education to Fort Walton Beach, wherein students who show passion and talent in ballet are given a formal education in all the core subjects, while also being nurtured in the arts.

Dreams, hopes, goals, plans… Call them what you will, but we all have the things we want to accomplish. They can be anything from cleaning the house, to starting your own company, to raising a family, or traveling the world.